In 2018, volunteers coordinated 27 cleanups and collected 228 kg of litter on 72 km of Canadian shoreline.


Great Lakes Water Walk

Date & Time

Fri, September 22, 2017
3:00 pm

Location of cleanup

Rouge Beach
City of Scarborough, Ontario

Meeting Place

This portion of the Great Lakes Water Walk clean-up is scheduled at Rouge Beach right at the mouth of the river and along the PanAm path. For more information on our Walk, please visit our website: You are welcome to come an

Cleanup Ended

Additional Info

This is an open invitation for anyone to help us clean up the Ceremony site and along the Walk route so that they are free of debris and ready for the Grandmothers. Anyone & everyone is welcome to help out, including kidlets! This can be done at your leisure -feel free to pick a time and duration that suits your energy and schedule. Please bring your own garbage bag and gloves. Our partners at Shoreline Cleanup would really appreciate it if you could fill out an electronic data card once you complete your clean up so that they can track this wonderful community initiative.

Goal(s) of This Cleanup

  • Make the shoreline clean for my community
  • Ensure the site is clean for our Great Lakes Water Walk Ceremony and Walk

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Where the Rouge River meets Lake Ontario, there's a sandy beach and a wetland full of wildlife. The marshes at Rouge Beach are the best and biggest in Toronto. The sandy beach is a popular summer spot for neighbours and visitors.

Cleanup History

Since 2017, there have been 1 cleanups at this site.